Christmas campaign conditions 2022

The promotion is valid from 12/12/2022 until 6/01/2023 and is subject to the following conditions:


  • Assignment of sale by the client to for a period of one year WITHOUT exclusivity. reserves the right to refuse some clients if the sale is not considered feasible, either because of the physical, legal or urbanistic conditions of the property or the price set by the client or because the property does not meet the quality standards of or because the property or its owners are involved in legal proceedings or judicial authorisation is required for the sale or for any other reason.


  • That the sale is completed by a client introduced by sales representatives.


  • The legal study includes: the calculation of the municipal capital gain, review of the registry charges (obtaining a Nota Simple), help in the preparation of the necessary documentation for the sale.


  • may appoint its own professionals to obtain the renewal of the certificate of occupancy and energy certificate and these will be delivered shortly before the sale to the client found by or after signing the contract of deposit/option with the client presented by


  • The professional valuation is not an appraisal. It is created using external services that analyse the value of the properties where the property to be marketed is located.


*If you have any doubts about the interpretation of these conditions, please contact: [email protected] or +34697770477.