Seller’s Guide


1- The price.

Setting a competitive price is essential if you want to sell quickly, otherwise you will have to be very clear about what makes your house stand out from the others in the area in order to be able to argue the higher price. The property can stand out for a number of reasons: recently refurbished, views, private parking, swimming pool, sold with furniture and tastefully decorated, etc.

Currently there are many tools that can help you to value the right price quite accurately but the one we like the most is the one available on our page of valuations, if you want to value, click the following button:


2- Preparation.

You can choose to hire an estate agent or do it yourself. We recommend that you use the services of an estate agent as this can facilitate all the paperwork and procedures involved in the sale. When choosing an estate agent, we recommend that you choose those with the most experience and the best and most highly trained. Nowadays you don’t need a degree to work in this sector, which means that unfortunately there are many people who will just advertise your house and put you in contact with the buyer.

In order for you to compare the services of other real estate agencies we list ours:

1- Ongoing advice from a lawyer specialising in real estate law, which will minimise the risk of unpleasant surprises.

2- Valuation of your property

3- Complete photographic report

4- Review and advice on the preparation of the property documentation (certificate of occupancy, energy certificate, last contributions: IBI and rubbish, certificate of no debts with the administration and community of owners, review of the latest minutes, review of charges and limitations in the Land Registry, cadastral consultation, expert report on the legality of constructions or the possibilities of reform/extension, etc.).

5- Dissemination of the advertisement through social networks, real estate portals and collaborating agencies.

6- Organisation, filtering and assistance in the visits of potential buyers.

7- Preparation of earnest money/option/reservation/rental/lease with option to buy contracts.

8- Management of all formalities with the banks (cancellation of mortgages or other liens, calculation of payments) as well as with the notary.

9- Advice and analysis of the fiscal impact of the sale and preparation of the relevant tax returns (IRPF, IRNR, Capital Gains).

10- Control of the change of ownership of the supplies and repercussion of the proportional amounts, etc.

11- If you are selling within the framework of a business activity and are obliged by the law on the prevention of money laundering to take the appropriate measures, we also carry out the risk analysis for the buyers.

For more information or if you have any doubts, please contact us without any obligation, even if you already have another agency and potential buyer, even if you have already signed a reservation or earnest money contract.

The content of this guide is for information only and we always recommend that you are properly advised as each case is different.